Recently, from one of the co-founders I have spoken with I heard that building a business is crossing the barrier of own ego. There is something about it. I would rather extend to that the process of conscious life is constantly crossing our self barrier. In which circumstances did I come to these conclusions?

Let me see… Oh yeah, it was something about mid of January 2022, the beginning of the Omicron variant wave in Europe and me in the midst of all these in Slovenia. It is a small country with a population of 2mln, located at the end/beginning of the Balkans. With interesting history strongly connected with Yugoslavia and Austria-Hungary.

I was spending two wonderful days in the charming capital city- Ljubljana. In any shop I entered my Green Pass (Covid vaccination certificate) was checked, every museum required the same, even bus route to another city. Without vaccination or negative test you really can’t exist on a daily basis. After several situations when I faced so strict rules (so different than in my home country) I was wondering, how safe and caring is Slovenia. As well as how safe the elderly are feeling in an environment where everyone is vaccinated.

Nothing can be further from the truth. I started to talk to the locals and it turned out that the situation is not safe but critical. In the driver’s seat is notoriety (Janez Janša) who was a couple of times in jail, hardcore Trump supporter. Covid tests were mandatory some time ago even for vaccinated people and not refunded by the government which took profits from mass testing. Furthermore, Slovenia had at that time the biggest peak in covid cases in its own pandemic history. Not a utopia, more like a catastrophe.

Oh shit, I thought, how much more conclusions drawn by me are wrong? How many times one or two talks could irreversibly change my worldview. After I realized that I was 100% wrong about Slovenia I become questioned my travel and world takeaways which I’m so willingly sharing with the internet. Good job, I could mislead in 90% of examples. The collision with the brutal reality.

From the time perspective, I can say that situation helped me to understand one very simple concept- no one is objective. And I, without even PhD, or sufficient knowledge in various fields neither. All my thoughts, worldviews and ideas are a result of former experiences. People who are on the left had experiences that led to being on the left, the same with the right supporters.

First important conclusion: if experiences built your worldview enrich it by as broad exposure as possible. Simply invest in experiences.

Second conclusion: I was wrong then, I had been incorrect many times before and I will be faulty to my death. What can I do with it? Only one thing- harness my ego to not interrupt the process of going from false to more true.

It is good to learn to tread an ego when it’s needed. A moment you realise being for so long time 100% wrong it’s the moment when an ego hurts. Maybe it is stupid to think about this process only through the prism of the Slovenia case but what if you believe in a flat earth? It is metaphorically and not the Copernican Revolution of your life. For the vast majority of society, it’s too painful to overcome hurting ego and creating conspiracy theories is just speeding

Cross-referring to the startup world I’m in, it’s absolutely a good PR to be right all the time and it looks nice. But this glitter doesn’t create a true image of business and entrepreneurship. It doesn’t matter in the case of a muscleman watching Trailer Park Boys for a whole day but for the young bodying mind the unblemished image can be a big deal.

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