If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room. Yeah, I feel that it can be true. There is this question: when you are good at something should you change the room in order to develop more? Is it good to feel so comfortable in one field? Maybe risk is the answer. 

(otworzy się w nowej karcie)

The risk dilemma

I was writing about the moment when the ego hurts. Today’s topic will be slightly connected with the previous one but I will approach it from a different perspective. There were a couple of triggers for the origin of this post. I have been reading ‘Antifragile’ by Nassim Taleb. Also, I had an opportunity to visit the battery factory, I know shit about the batteries. Moreover, I’m on the threshold of changing a job (maybe). Each of these situations brings a risk, a risk of failure and crossing the comfort zone.

Risk and Taleb

The famous author Taleb writes a lot about risk and its role in our lives. For him, the bad apples of the world are people who ceaselessly avoid any kind of risk (i.e. civil servants). He highlights that there is the move because of people who risk, indeed.

However, for me, and for sure for others, comfort can be the Holy Grail. We want stability in our lives, and we insist on having certainty about some aspects. Is there something bad about this?

I can name myself an ambitious person. Achieving goals that I have is dependent on going out of my comfort zone. I’m working now in a wonderful company, with people I love to collaborate with. But recently, I’m constantly asking myself is it the level I may rest on or go further? My job performance is pretty good, I do what I’m required to do. However, intuitively I feel that if I want to develop I have to risk, risk a lot. I had a call with an offer, the project looks really interesting but shitty at the same time. And I don’t have a full range of skills to take care of it. To risk or not?

I know shit about batteries

For the past two months, I’ve been doing a side marketing project for a battery factory. Finally, I got an invitation to visit the factory. I thought, a cool experience I’m in. So I’ve gone.

I saw a presentation about the factory, and I had a tour around the factory. The level of the expert knowledge of people I met was just insane. I felt that these were the best specialists in the field, and industry. Unconsciously I made it, I heavily crossed my comfort zone. I had a feeling of me being so ‘little’ and knowing not so much about the batteries. Because literally, I know shit about batteries.

My knowledge about battery cells had risen by thousands of percents. Now I’m aware of recycling, life cycle and production. I know how rare earth elements are used and retrieved from spent batteries.

To conclude, I still don’t know what to do. A situation like this with the battery factory proved that I can do a project in a field I know nothing about and learn when the game plays. I’m conscious that during an undertaking like this I develop so much. Risk it all or choose the desired stability? Where is the happy medium?

maybe risk from time to time

but it’s not the way Apple rose.

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