About me

Tymoteusz Bajor on a red background

Since I was a child a wanted to do business and social media. Hence I decided to set up a YouTube channel at age of 14. For one year I was learning video editing almost daily while doing a heap of dreadful and shoddy vlogs. (Now I hope it’s better.) After this training, I started to earn money by video editing.

This stage ended the last year when I finally got a job at a startup. But before I’ve travelled a lot by myself around Poland, the UK and Slovakia. I also was working and living in England at the age of 16. An extremely eye-opening experience. It was a real turnover in my life.

Be became more world-curious and open-minded. Thanks to that I started to learn different foreign languages (currently learning five) and meet new people. I was working on the sly on some projects which all failed. However, 2021 brought the first signs of possible success, I was hired by a Polish startup, and another, and another. I’ve visited several countries and experienced a lot of adventures. Everything you can find on my blog:  Timothy Travel PL