Wrocław- one day trip

wrocław one day trip river

Wrocław is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. For me definitely has best old city and genial attractions. Right after Kraków where I live I’d been visiting most often. I’ve visited Wrocław about five times and I never feel bored. 

Prominently Wrocław is one of my favourite city. Particularly I value Wrocław’s architecture, which stand alone other cities. Desperately I care botanical garden. In summer it’s real oasis among red-hot by heat city. For sure I will come back to Wrocław, then I will show it in warmer view. 

I made a video about Wrocław: 

Narodowe Forum Muzyki (national Forum of Music)

I wanted to see some modern architecture. I was walking from main station regardless it was en route to saw NFM building. I passed interesting monument of anonymous pedestrians. In front of forum  lay huge square and because of that whole space seems to look like gigantic. This vastness ends on front facade of NFM. The space around is really well designed. 

Pile of National Opera 

Is located near the NFM. From without building make impression nut that what is the best in hidden inside. Unfortunately is hard to get inside but when you manage, you will se 200 crystal mirrors and 1000m2 golden decorations. Real masterpiece. 

Main Square

I guess main square is the part of the city I don’t have to recommend.  Overall on Wrocław main square go on many events. Few years ago there was a parade of old cars and this year was a Christmas Market.

That was one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets I’ve ever seen in Poland. All stalls were pretty well decorated and they offered  a lot of local products. Whole surroundings of main square are colourful tenements. Facades are painted in various pastel shades. 

Museum of Bourgeoisie Art

On main square, on a central part soars town hall. Same body of town hall is so beautiful. On one wall is a sun clock. Inside the building is a Museum of Bourgeoisie Art. Unfortunately I didn’t go inside because museum was closed. However, museum is free and has very good reviews.   

Local Market

Market is on second places of my favourite attractions right after botanical garden. Amazing place, genuine local market. You can find here local fresh products and there are many stall with food from many countries. I spent my time in really pleasant way by walking and observing Saturday morning on Wrocław local market. I always like to visit local market. 

Ostrów Tumski

It is the oldest part of the Wrocław. Once a island among Odra and Oława rivers, now district in neighbourhood of different islands: Piasek and Słodowa. On Ostrów soars the Cathedral of John the Baptist. You can take the elevator to go to the top of the tower. I rigidly recommend going on this view point. 

It’s worth to hang around the Ostrów Tumski, cross the Tumski Bridge and get enchant by local architecture. 

National Gallery 

It’s another good place where you can warm a little bit when you sightseeing Wrocław. In gives days museum is FREE. On exhibitions we can see famous polish pictures as well as historical exhibits of that region.  


  • Wrocław is really well connected with other Polish cities. You can use PKP railways or Flixbus. 
  • Urban transport tickets are save on your credit card when you pay contactless, no ticket machines. 
  • I recommend Umami Dumpling & Pasta Bar near the main square 

So as you see also in winter/ autumn you can see something interesting in Wrocław. I spend really nice time in Wrocław and certainly I will go back to see much more.