Top 10 attractions in Beskids

Beskid Niski- winter attractions

This year travels product of other than nice photo relation also visited a lot of interesting places. Dreams come true, proximity of nature and experience interesting stories. This year’s fawn meeting counter soared very high. Then I felt that I known Niski Beskid that way I wanted and it was kind of culmination of travels in these areas. I present subjective list of places worth to see and full of winter magic.


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1. Muszyna Village

I spent a most of time in this village. It captivates me, particularly by magic sunsets near the Poprad river bank.  I visit here a lot of places, all of they are in this post. Beautiful views and skyline on whole Poprad Valley and charm main square.

Small main square in Muszyna

View from Muszyna Castle

2. Jaworzyna Shelter (PTTK)

My favorite lonely tree, Jaworzyna Krynicka

I second year go on this trail. It should take 10 min but I always have terrible weather conditions. Snow, wind and fog. Way leads on beautiful ridge and forest. Annually captivating, nothing change even wither tree that I photo every year.

winter trail in forest, Jaworzyna

Shelter on Jaworzyna

Path on ridge.

3. Mofetta Tylicz

On the area of „Domki w lesie” resort is ringed by the fence bubbling sources. Mofetta is kind of cold effluvium (under 100 degrees) mainly consist of carbon dioxide. Gas plume from deposit created in the Cainozoic. This mofette is one of the most active in all Carpathians.

4.Powroźnik tserkov i Czarna Młaka (lake)

En route to Tylicz it’s worth to visit a Powroźnik. Here other than beautiful wooden tserkov, (more about it you can read here) you can go walk to dark the depths of Czarna Młaka Lake. Obviously when there isn’t a snow cover on the ice.

Tserkov Powroźnik

5. Leluchowksie Mountains

One of the most inaccessible places in Beskid Niski. For a long time, I wanted to visit those villages when I found information about they on some blog. For me it’s a realm of lost tserkovs. Dark, wild, ring by impenetrable mountains. Meeting a fawn, it isn’t a news here. To villages leads a very bumpy road, through forests along Slovakian border.

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So in these villages you cant go on trail to Barwinek top or Dubne top. It’s worth to remember that those path aren’t plough and it’s hard to walk them.

Near the Circ border crossing are many stands. Reportedly, there trade Romanies from Slovakia. In Leluchów I visit first tserkov, in next village Dubne it’s another thserkov sink in showy landscape. Whole hamlet dormant, under big snow cover. That kind of magic views I had been imagining.

Tserkov in  Dubne

Old stone houses.

6. Żebracze Szczawnik wilderness

Not so far from Muszyna is interesting trail in firry forest.  It’s lead to Bacówka on Wierchomla except that from the other side (another trail is from Wierchomla Mała village). From Szczenik side route has a less gradient but it’s much longer. It’s convenient for cross-country skiing. All trail is in the wood, along the stream. Mainly, beautiful views particularly forms from slates because this reserve is famous for rocks.

7. Żegiestów Łopata Polska

Żegiestów hamlet other than tserkov boast ornithological path on the Poprad river bank. It’s not a big attraction, ideal for 1h walk. Supposedly here you can meet rare bird species. I only photographed a sparrows, tits and ducks. Scenic peninsula location add value to this reserve. It’s worth to know that railway from Krynica to Żegiestów leads through tunnel so it’s can be fun for children.

8. Bacówka Wierchomla

Definitely one of my favourite top 10 winter trails.  There is one of the best Tatras skyline in Poland. Snow covered trees, ice crystals on beech twig. Loneliness connected with strict nature. And the price of effort are pancake (local signature dish). The trail isn’t easy, in same parts I fell in snow to knee deep but it’s depends of weather. But for views absolutely worth!

9. Krynica Zdrój

Probably all well-known holiday resort in the Beskids. Krynica Zdrój, a city resembling Zakopane. Bustling, full ofhorese, local cheese (oscypek), fake highlanders and stalls with Chinese crap. It must be admitted, however, that the villa development is exceptionally beautiful in Krynica. Full of charming wooden houses, villas in Swiss style. For those who like it, you can climb or climb Mt. Parkowa. It is really a huge hill and has little in common with the park. Of course, Nikifor came from Krynica, his museum is housed in the Romanówka villa. I highly recommend visiting this museum and get to know this unique character a bit.

Of course, you could not miss the wonderful smog. One is the place where there is clean air and it is a green trail to the Krzyżowa Gap (Przełęcz). Very nice trail, all the time in a beautiful 150-year-old fir forest. A remnant of the Carpathian wilderness. The walk takes about 45min and the views are worth it.

10. Crazy winter!

Winter is the time when we pull skates from the basement, from the garage the skis and from the attic sleds. It’s worth finding out where to go, so as not to overpay and not to blend, I recommend checking the ranking of slopes 2019.

I hope you found out something about the Beskid and maybe you will go there if you want and you need someone to tell you stories and curiosities click here.

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