Teplickie Rocks city

In love at first sight

The idea to go to this place came very randomly, somewhere in the depths of the Internet I saw a photo of a path in a rocky city. In fact, this place was an excuse to visit the Sowie Mountains on the Polish side of the border, you can read about it here. Being on the spot, I chose the less-known Teplice city to avoid crowds as in neighboring Adrspahu. You can read about the prices here.

View from the Strmen castle


It begins innocently lightly and smoothly bringing us to the secrets of sand rocks. The first interesting point is the entrance of 300 steps to tz. castle. So it’s just a vantage point for the whole city. The final point are the particles after which tourists enter the tiny rock terrace. And at the top of the pine like our Sokolica. You will learn more about the castle from the vlog:


300 steps to top

Our path meanders once up and down. Behind each corner there is another rock form and most of the way.

Mysterious path in maze

Rock Gate

But what I hoped for was almost at the end of the route. Namely, a rocky labyrinth, unpredictable, wet, damp and mysterious. Ah that was what I was hoping for. A bit of magic enchanted in sandstone columns.

Huge sandstone columns

The first thick of interesting formations is the “Temple” there is also a narrow cave. Then we make a loop and another world again – Maze of St. Anne. Even damper, rocks all overgrown with various mosses and ferns. It instantly became colder. The sandstone holds water, haze hovers around. And there is no one. Everyone somewhere behind, in front of me and myself. That’s what it was about.

Fragment of wooden catwalk

sky view  on Telickie Skaly

Good to know

Folders announce that the route is flat. Well, I will not agree. You have to wear good footwear on the trail full of mud, sand and stones. The route is very diverse. Once it is very cold until the skin becomes numb (rocky labyrinths) a bit later sand and heat. Sweat comes in handy. It is very important not to eat something terrible in the canteen at the cash register. One can easily get to the rock city of both cities by bus.

Small stream

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