TARNÓW- polish warm pole

Tarnów is city in Małopolska full of townhouses, magic yards and senior citizens on benches. Inextricably connected with Józef Bem and Gypsy. I show polish warm pole.

full blast trade

market in  Tarnów


Tarnów is quite well connected by rail with both Krakow and Rzeszów, two hours after the departure from Krakow we are on the spot. Well, I must admit that from the very beginning, Tarnów will surprise you with the attraction of the main station building. Spacious hall with large brilliant and chandeliers. We start from high C. Through the nearby park, the fastest way to the market leads. In Tarnów You do not have to buy public transport tickets wherever you want within the center  on your feet. As I walked, I watched the ordinary life of the residents, someone was in a hurry, you put out the goods at the stall, another seller is waiting for an amateur of Krakow’s obwarzanek. Well, you should start with this  tour.

Old people debate

One of multiple baker on main street.

1.Saint family church

It’s first monument on our city path. Brick building with two high four-sided towers covered by pyramid helmet. Very nice block, definitely have to hail architect (Jan Sas Zubrzycki). Decorations are from Tyrol and stained glasses made Jan Matejko pupil.

2. Ethnographic Museum

In the middle of the city, on the main prom (Krakowska Street), there is a manor house with a slight tendency towards the market square. In this mansion, the Ethnographic Museum has its headquarters. On the floors of this institution, in addition to the permanent exhibition, rides are organized with Gypsy wagons (the festival in July).

Because it is the museum that is used to spread the history and culture of the Roma. The exhibition presents both the history and origins of the Romany nation, through obvious divinations and folklore, to the poems of the first Gypsy artist, Papusza. It’s worth taking a look even for a moment and finding out something interesting.


3. Cafe Tram

Continuing along Krakowska Street, we come across a lonely red tram. It is a remnant of the former tram line that entwines the center of Tarnów. Today, it is only one wagon in which we can immerse ourselves in an unusually sweet journey in time. The choice of desserts will satisfy even very experienced gourmands.

Inside of tram cafe

Tram on Sobieski square

4. County Museum 

The main museum in Tarnów. It contains both ethnographic and archaeological collections. The history and history of the city can be seen at the permanent exhibition. Maybe this is the right moment to mention something about Józef Bem. So he was born here in 1794. The museum has many mementos of this Polish general, strategist and military engineer. Supreme Commander of the Hungarian Uprising (1484). Since then, Tarnów has a very intimate relationship with Budapest. An important exhibit are pieces of the Transylvanian panorama depicting Józef Bem. He died in Aleppo, his ashes were transferred to Tarnów and buried in the Mausoleum of Strzelecki Park.

5. Diocesan Museum

Strangely enough, it is the oldest museum facility in Poland. Already in 1888, Józef Baba founded a museum in the branch building of the University of Krakow. Over the years, many chasubles, icons of sculptures and religious paintings have been gathered here.

6.  Mikołajowski House

One of the oldest buildings in Tarnów. In erected in 1524. the house housed a school and an academic colony.

7. Main Square

Market like a market, nothing special. Just the city center, so I only mark its existence.

8. Bimah

Tarnowska bimah is just a remnant of the beautiful Tarnowska Synagogue. Fires consumed her until twice, however, the final blow was inflicted by the Germans who blew her up. Today, the covered roof can be seen at ul. Jewish.

9. St. Mary Szkaplerzna Church

Residents talk about it on “Burek.” The entire wooden structure, taken out straight from the open-air museum. A real refuge of peace in the middle and peaceful Tarnów. Many older people sit under the crowns of spreading limes.

10. Mill Szancera

If it were thunderbolts that day, I would think that the gloomy brick walls with window openings are scenography for horrors. The buildings of the former mill built by the rich Jew Henryk Szancer, deliberately set on fire several times, fell into disrepair.


11. Ruins of Tarnowskich Castle

The only place I have not visited. Apparently a phenomenal view of the city. We are separated from the center by a 40-minute journey to Mount St. Martin. But this is the outskirts of Tarnów and it was supposed to be about the center. If you have the time and strength, then the inhabitants of Tarnów definitely recommend.


Tarnow, although a small one, you will spend a very nice time here and you will definitely find out something interesting. Maybe you will delve into the story of a guy who was on the Polish zloty banknote in PLN? Maybe you will find a mysterious backyard, watch people at the market, or walk through the arcade of Terlikowski or visit the castle of the Church? I do not know. Tarnów will answer you.