Summary of CREOGUIDE 2019

Here is summary of guide’s year 2019. What we did? What new destinations we checked? That was a year of hard work and dedication. We prepare for you a list of interesting places in Poland we visited in 2019. Choose something and enjoy your stay in this beautiful country. 


Old beautiful city in Pomerania. Polish capital of amber and city of tricity. Gdańsk is amazing place. Architecture is stunning. You can find here beautiful colourful tenements. Every time I come Gdańsk has an access to the sea so you can rest after day of sightseeing on the beach. 


Gniezno was first capital of Poland. Now it’s old beautiful city somehow 40min by the Poznań. It was my first time in that part of Poland and I’m a really enchanted of what I’ve seen. Historical buildings and main brick cathedral are important for Polish history. 


Personally I didn’t like Warsow. It’s Polish capital and biggest city. But this year I took to Warsaw. I spent really nice may day during to Polish National Holiday. I’ve seen whole part of main city and square. I’ve eaten best pączki in my life! Definitely, I recommend Warsaw for one or more days trips. 


This city polish Pole of Warm! I really like Tarnów. Tarnów is small town, 1,5h by train from Kraków. Due to littleness of Tarnów, it is not crowded and touristic. You can find nooks and cranes here for great street photos. 


I was in Wrocław 5 times. And that 6th was really excited too! Wrocław is a city of culture, events and where you can meet with art in different forms. So my autumnal trip was so nice. I passed a lot of interesting buildings, admired main square and city hall. To the end of my walking tour got on the top of cathedral tower. Views were super wide and skyline was breathtaking.


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Cheers, Creo team