one day in Poznan

Poznań one spring day

Poznań is a capital of Wielkopolska region. Very important places connected with Poland history. City of croissants and bucks. What you want more from one of the most beautiful cities in Poland? One should arrive and be enchant. 

View from the castle hill

My Style 

Going to Poznań the power left me and unfortunately I didn’t want for sightseeing. Why? I don’t know. Later, albeit when I saw how the city looks like I was carried away by swirl of filmmaking. And willing of perpetuate all surfaces and details. 


If you have  little time check properly where is your platform on railway station plan. Railway Station in Poznań  is the worst in Poland and this is emphasize by many rankings. The distance between two extremely platform is 700m. 

I left my luggage  in the train station, cost for suitcase (size of hand luggage) it’s 13-14zł. Baggage checkroom works impeccable. 

I recommend to eat in place called “Schaboszczak u Dziadka”. It’s not too expensive and portions are so big.  

main square in Poznań

Old City

I left suitcase in the railway station and I did to town. My first step was avenue with monumental buildings from 20th century. On the top of the list was Pałac (Palace) Cesarski designed for last german emperor. Before the entrance stood a monument of Enigma because exactly in Poznań they managed to broke Enigma code. A bit further is Collegium Maius designed in neo baroque style and the Great Theatre with two lions sculptures on the entrance. 

Beautiful view from castle’s tower

Along my route was known in Poland Raczyńskich Library (more about Raczyńscy family). I saw a sign with Castle direction, I decided to go. Decision going to castle was a success. Ticket was cheap. On first floor is short exhibition about Wielkopolska region history and on the tower a viewpoint. From the viewpoint is beautiful skyline of the whole city. It was a 11:50 then I run on the Main Square to see these famous bucks, which cross their horns at 12:00. 

People waiting for clock on town hall

History of Poznań Town Hall and the bucks was wrote described hundred of times and I don’t want to write about this another. Obviously before 12:00 o’clock on main square were big crowns which were waiting for the bucks- clock show. No far away from the main square is a Poznań Fara (Cathedral). From the outside I didn’t notice a big differences with other churches but inside…

Poznań Fara

  This is a real marvel! Poznań church is one of the most beautiful churches I’ve seen in Poland. Baroque interior is absolutely captivating. 

Inside the Poznań’s Fara church

Śródka District

After sightseeing old city I took tram to the Śródka District. That is totally different part of Poznań by the visual side. Nice variation after old center. High-density housing here are replacing by catholic space. 

Front the cathedral

Poznań item like Wrocław (link) has its own Ostrów Tumski. Ostrów it’s one of two islands remaining to our times on Warta River. On Ostrów soar Basilica. Beautiful building after regotisation. There lain first lords of Poland. 

red bridge

Near the Basilica is red Jordan bridge. Jordan was a Polish Bishop. That just shows us how amazing history and traditions this region has. A bit further by the bridge is cathedral lock. Here you can go on glass bridge which connect lock with Gate of Poznań ICHOT (Brama Poznania). Brama Poznania is a modern museum with high google rates. 

ICHOT Poznań’s gate

That much from me about Poznań. While I writing that words I think I love Poznań more that I expected. That only testify I will come back and see much more. Because I’m hungry for an experience.

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