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Polish Loop for tourists 2020

This post is for people who have a week in Poland and want to see all amazing and stunning places. We prepared for you a “Polish Loop” a route all around Poland with marked best and worth to visit places. 

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Kraków is the biggest city in south Poland. Old, beautiful medieval city. Kraków has a royal castle Wawel, biggest main square in Europe and a lot of historic tenements. A Kazimierz Jewish district is so charming and full of cultural ancestry. We recommend to walk around Old City and other districts. Sightseeing by walking it’s the best way to discover this royal city. More about KRAKÓW 


Winter and mountain capital of Poland. Zakopane is located near to the Tatras Mountains. Highest mountain range in Poland with the highest top- Rysy. Zakopane is a city with a local culture involvement. You can see here wooden architecture, stunning views and wonderful nature.

Wieliczka/ Bochnia

Near the Kraków, in this part of Poland we have salt mines. They are really popular as a tourist attraction. Underground you can find a big salt cells, chapel, bar and corridors made in salt rock. Dearly recommended experience.  


One of our favourite city in Poland! Amazing, super vibrant place. Architecture, old tenements are so beautiful. The history of Gdańsk is very interesting. Here started WWII. So the historical pass is worth to discover. More about GDAŃSK


Polish capital city. Mainly destroyed during WWII. Second royal city in Poland with a royal castle. You can find here a financial centre of Poland inside the skyscrapers. One of the skyscrapers  is the Palace of Culture and Science on the top is a viewpoint with skyline on all Warsaw. Worth to visit is Łazienkowski Park, Wilanowski Palace and Saski Garden. Of course main old city and main square are so nice to see. 


Malbork is the biggest brick castle in whole Europe! Did you get that? This castle is absolutely amazing, inimitable and nonroutine. You can easy there see how people used to live in Middle Ages. Discovering the pass of the old order is really fascinating.


Wrocław is city in west Poland. Many people like to visit Wrocław because is super charming- I couldn’t agree more:) Tenements, buildings, town hall all architecture stuff is so amazing. In Wrocław are two Gardens Japanese and Botanical- both worth your attention.


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