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bike trip on Polish coast
Polish Mountains in winter
Hel Penisula, nature reserve

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Creoguide is based in Kraków, South Poland but our certified guides work around the Poland. So you have many option and propositions. When Kraków it’s deficient choose and read something about more Polish directions. Maybe: Wroclaw, Gdańsk? You have got a lot of options! If your are hesitant choose “fitting tour option” then Creoguide will prepare tour plan with individual line.

Poland fitting tour is solution when you are undecided and you want to explore Poland. Contact us and then we will help you.

We convey the experiences from the top- shelf. Many cities. Best local spots and moorish Polish cuisine.

Check our guides on these apps and websites. Search for timothy or Creoguide and compass sign.

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Sunrise. Baltic sea cost
Katowice Main Court
Train station in Polish mountains