Pieniny for 3 days

pieniny atrakcje

pieniny poland

Pieniny for 3 days

Pieniny- beautiful mountains witch everyone have a brush with. Even if by photos of pine from Sokolica in calendar, postcard or in top 10 places in Poland. For mi photos didn’t last and I went for 3 days conquest. Three days are a lot and a little in particularly when raining. Through that soma days I saw a lot.

czerwony klasztor

Day 1 by bike to Red Monastery

At first day I put on bike and went on tabled route to Red Monastery. Always have been something more interesting to do but finally after 3 years have clicked. On path ride very nice, start is in Poland, bigger part in Slovakia.

czerwony klasztor

czerwony klasztor

All the time we stick to Dunajec bank, boundary river in this case. Route is about 7.5 km a single., equal but here and there stony path. We arrive to Red Monastery, nothing special. It’s only same old stony buildings. In place monastery museum and some gastronomic places (have in mind beer, chips and hot dogs). For more information about museum look here and look on vlog from day one:

czerwony klasztorwalls of Red Monastery

czerwony klasztormuseum Red Monastery

Day 2 On Three Crowns

At second day would thunder at 12 o’clock so I had to gone earlier. We start in Krościenko and immediately hard climb up. (yellow + blue trail from gap). To overcome was 500 m of outbalancing so it’s a lot. Around first trail section grew beautiful meadows full of wonder blooming flowers. Somewhere bushes of wild rose, on which sit green-gold beetle. Around many insects and butterflies. Meadows have been replaced by forest.

trzy koronymeadow with Krościenko skyline

górska łąka

górska łąka

owady pieniny

trzy korony

After a while to arrived to  Szopka Gap, it’s straight way to top. Afar off sound thunder coming from Slovakia. I’m near to exit on observation deck. Many people here. Turned out that because of thunder danger guards don’t show in observation deck. Maybe another time. I start to came down, this time either trial (blue).

trzy korony Szopka Gap

zamek pienińskiSteep to Pieniny castle

More steep than previous but it leads in the bottom of old Pieniny castle. Today is only ruin. In that moment started rain, it didn’t a torrent but I was same wet. With these mountains you never know. Vlog:

Day 3 Biała Woda

I have been low on time, to choice two options: Homole Gorge or Biała Woda reservation. I put on Biała Woda, I was in Homole gorge though apparently so beautiful, that two times I might visit. It’s pity that this reservation isn’t known. It was one of the most fabulous  places of this year, which I have visited yet.

biała woda

kapliczka prawosławnaRussian OrthodoxShrine

górska wieś Biała Woda village

Biała Woda is mix of calcium gorge, willows, spruces and slowly stream. It eerie impress, I thought “what’s going on here?”. But you can settle into this place alterity. Stream makes small, lovely waterfall, near the shepherd’s hut sit shepherd and on meadow pasture sheep and horses.  a Silence, calm, scant tourists and majority on bikes. They ride so fast, probably they didn’t see these all things. And only somewhere old pair trees and old cottage ruins.  Why? Look at vlog:


biała woda


furczak gołąbek

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