Top 10 attractions in Beskids

Beskid Niski- winter attractions This year travels product of other than nice photo relation also visited a lot of interesting places. Dreams come true, proximity of nature and experience interesting stories. This year’s fawn meeting counter soared very high. Then I felt that I known Niski Beskid that way I wanted and it was kind of culmination of travels in these areas. I present subjective list of places worth to see and full of winter magic. (more…)

KRAKÓW REGION- unknown places

KRAKÓW REGION- unknown places Kraków region abound in many unknown places inaccessible for normal tourists. Historical places, beautiful nature, amazing views these all things you can visit with GUIDE! Check page below: ?KRAKÓW GUIDE: ✍️ 1. Niepołomicka Wilderness Huge forest 40 km form Kraków center. You can go here by fast train or by bus. In wilderness you can find many trails and nature paths. In Niepołomick...

Teplickie Rocks city

In love at first sight The idea to go to this place came very randomly, somewhere in the depths of the Internet I saw a photo of a path in a rocky city. In fact, this place was an excuse to visit the Sowie Mountains on the Polish side of the border, you can read about it here. Being on the spot, I chose the less-known Teplice city to avoid crowds as in neighboring Adrspahu. You can read about the prices here. (more…)