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Nowa Huta is definitely overlooked by tourists and residents of Krakow, which is a shame. It has a lot to offer and you can feel the taste of PRL and modernism. It is not overwhelming because there are huge spaces. Soothe, because Nowa Huta is full of parks. I present a short guide on how to discover this phenomenon.


This is important for anyone willing to explore. Nowa Huta is perfectly connected to the center. There are several tram lines that will take you from the main square to Huta in about 30 minutes. The amount of bus connections is also very large. I recommend especially lines with numbers 500 ^ because they are accelerated lines.

However, I definitely recommend the bike. It will make it easier to move around this large space and simply make fun because the network of paths is extremely developed here.

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Central Square

The axis of the new assumption. The axis of the alley, which optically converges on this urban pimple amidst gray socialist buildings. In the arcades of the buildings surrounding it you will find florists, cafes and a bar. You can also sit on a bench in the shade of a tree and watch a life going on. Passing through the belts we will find ourselves near NCK. For those willing, you can visit the frequent free photo galleries and Beksiński’s exhibition. From the center there is a panorama of green Nowa Huta meadows.

*near the square there are several information boards and maps with plan and routes


Nowa Huta as a rising star of the then system was quickly built. That is why it is now dotted with blocks and settlements. It is difficult to list them all. It is worth a little drag and discover these modernist remains on your own. And that’s a lot of it.

Club Jędruś

A local sports club has just been built on one of these estates, which has now been given a second life. The local artists turned his boring gray walls into a real colorful masterpiece. A very nice place, a ray in the middle of this gray block world.

Bars and neon lights

On the Nowa Huta there are several bars that serve the best dumplings in the house. One of them is located at the Kocmyrzowskie roundabout – (na żółto i na niebiesko) Yellow and blue. The second thing that distinguishes this district in the middle of the whole of Krakow is the neon. Unfortunately, they disappear quickly but there are still a few to be spotted.

Cherry Orchard

One of the many parks that have been created here. This one is however unique because it stands here … mermaid! How does Warsaw have its own why Nowa Huta can not have its own? It must be admitted that this stone version of Nowa Huta is very well presented on the background of blooming cherry.

Mogiła Monastery

This is one of the oldest parts of Nowa Huta. The right one can see what it was by modernist panami – ordinary village. Here, single-family houses start and a wooden Rogozinski villa stands ruin. On the other side of the street there is a wooden church of Saint. Bartholomew. Beautiful, with a black wooden belfry. As from the open-air museum, and it is still Nowa Huta. All you have to do is just go a little bit and we’ll be in the courtyard of the Cistercian monastery. A beautiful old building, so much different from the boring and concrete main part of the district.

Nooks and crannies

The recesses of Nowa Huta are the magnet that continually attracts me to further discovering. Above all, it is worth paying attention to the picturesque and numerous kiosks. They have already fused well into the local landscape. They look best in the late morning when kiosks are wrapped in queues of retirees.

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