Mansions Kraków and neighbourhood

Rose worried about froze:) (park Decjusz)

Mansions Kraków and neighbourhood

This wonderful period of polish history when rich people had been building huge haciendas and remainder had been poor.  Though after rustic shack is nothing now but after gentry is something interesting.  Today I am going to bring you curiously esthetic along domain of rich people of that epok.


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There is a sigh! Wow, something sparse. 


Jan Matejo Mansion

Mansion is in Krzeszławice disctrict. When I go along the Wańkowicz st. I pass many wooden shacks. It’s weird that almost in city center are those old buildings. Dworek was building in surroundings of 4ha park and near the wooden John the Baptist church. Inside the mansion is exhibitions which show a room from the past. In this facilities Matejko paited a lot of famous paitings.

View on Matejko mansion

Now a white sample, one of old houses. 

Old wooden shack. PS. someone still live here, you can see it when you look through the window.

Tomaszowice Mansion

Mansion in Tomaszowice in fact whole grange are presenting the most grandly from all comparison. Nowadays belongs to same Arab, who made there a hotel. In all park adjacent to farm buildings is many stone ruins. There is a wooden garner on stony underpinning and sty and byres. All is under old tree crowns.

Hole in stable wall

Old barns and byres

Old sty on Tomaszowice grange. 

Wooden garner in mansion Tomaszowice. 

 Modlniczka Mansion

Only 2km from Tomaszowice. Kind of poorer version, belongs to UJ university. In the park, I see and pursue roe deer. This manor house so called Konopki mansion. Classicistic designed on commission of Józef Konopka, former lineage ruler. Mansion is located vis a vis beautiful wooden St. Wojciech church. Near the church, it is also wooden bell tower.

Lime tree and bell tower

St  Wojciech church

Ruins of old development in Konopki garden. 

Białoprądnicki Mansion

Mansion comprise from many buildings. Domesticated on many ways. One is a culture center, second has sad end. Now inside the mansion is casino and restaurant. And it’s located near the busy road, hospital and high bocks of flats, it isn’t an ideal place for rest like other in this list. But in the past, is one of the most known mansions in Kraków. Many of polish artist met here.

Decjusz Villa

Villa is located off the beaten track, on the hill of Wola Justowska. Indeed, Justowska. This name of district came from name of rich man form Hungary- Justus. He bought all village and he built a big house. Façade is nicely did, many patterns on door frame and obviously, a park around. To the residence leads a stony bridge. Owner had a notion and decided to build kind of small, stylized castle, in that case he dug a moat, made a bridge and defense walls. This villa surely differentiate from the other but is also cute.

Decjusz Villa in hole yellow grandeur

Front wall od Decjusz house

one of nearby building. 

Winter hedge in small french garden. 

That end of our adventure with rich people houses. So they were rich- that we can acknowledge. Today nobody try to boiling the ocean and built kind of unnecessary house. Who wants to clean all house, who wants to pay the heating bills. That’s a waste of time! But now I encourage to read more posts about Poland:


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