Lipnica Murowana- the bigest Easter palms!

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Palms Lipnica Murowana

Lipnica Murowana is a small village on the border of the Beskid Wyspowy and the foothills. Small and yet very interesting. It used to be an ordinary town with just pretty, old wooden buildings now that numerous visits by Japanese and it’s a unique place of UNESCO.

I decided to go there during Palm Sunday and immortalize all the confusion associated with it. If you want to get to know this closely, I invite you to watch the movie and continue reading.

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Łokietek here? No way…

When we search a little bit about Lipnica, we will find out that the law was granted by King Łokietek and the village had a much greater status. Perhaps the characteristic medieval style of the beltway has been preserved here.

Holy village

Such a small village and three people distinguished by their pious life. Here was born Saint. Szymon of Lipnica, later priest of Krakow, who helped the sick during the plague. His father, baker baked bread rolls and bread, which Szymon gave out to the poor during his youth. Now, in Lipnica, this practice is repeated every year to commemorate those miracles that Simon’s attitude sent to Lipnica. Another person is Saint. Urszula Ledóchowska, was born here in 1865. She later joined the Ursuline Order. The third person is Blessed Maria Teresa Ledóchowska, she was born in Austria and devoted herself mainly to missionary work in Africa.

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Easter palms

I’m talking more about the palms in the film, but it’s worth mentioning. In this course, the 61th edition of the palm competition took place and again another record was broken – over 38m palm tree. Palms is a great celebration in Lipnica combined in a magnificent indulgence and a traditional fair. You can buy local decorative and food products: hams, sausages, cheese, cakes and waffles.

Church of St. Leonardo

This is one of those monuments that you can not ignore while walking along the paths of Lipnica Murowana. Beautiful wooden and Gothic inscribed on the UNESCO list, the church of St. Leonard. Here I also refer to the film, but I will mention that it is an important object because it has survived in an unchanged form to this day. The walls are densely covered with polychromy, which centuries ago made it easier for the poor and incomprehensible to read the population to understand the Bible.

Here ends our adventure with a beautiful and picturesque village, I highly encourage you to visit it and immerse yourself in the amazing history and past centuries of Lipnica Murowana.

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