KRAKÓW REGION- unknown places

KRAKÓW REGION- unknown places

Kraków region abound in many unknown places inaccessible for normal tourists. Historical places, beautiful nature, amazing views these all things you can visit with GUIDE! Check page below:



1. Niepołomicka Wilderness

Huge forest 40 km form Kraków center. You can go here by fast train or by bus. In wilderness you can find many trails and nature paths. In Niepołomicka Wilderness are wisents’s pen but you can’t visit it, it’s close area. All forest area honeycombed by major streams. The Black Pond in on of the bigest water dam in wilderness you can go here from 8km walk form Stanisławice train statation. In in the heart of Niepołomice is a hunting castle.

2. Bochnia salt mine

No so far to Cracow two salty sisters deep hide under the ground. Jewels and curios wrote on UNESCO list. From this duet majority of tourists probably chose Wieliczka salt mine. But to feel truly salt mine aura I recommend Bochnia. Wieliczka is whole smooth by tourists amount. But Bochnia is totally different. Majority walkways haven’t paved. With each step hover grey dust from before years. Ceilings back by long bars. It is appropriate place to feel this aura.

Wooden timbering of ceiling

Salt wall of old working

Chandelier in st.Kinga chapel

3. Zakrzówek

This part of Cracow are outlying from city center only 7 km. On Zakrzowek there is Bielansko-Tyniecki Landscape Park. Green area between housing estste and riverside of Vistula river. It have a reputation for two things: Twardowski Rocks and Zakrzowek Lake. I really want to see this reservoir. Lake has  risen as a consequence of waterlogging in quarry. There mined chalk thus water is blue. By the dam you can swim  and get a tan but you must remember the lake is very deep,  it’s for people who can  swim.  Same years ago established a dive club where you can see underwater treasures witch no doubt are sank plans of  II World War Two times. Beautiful views guarantee, the deep ideally contrast the white cliffs.

4. Podwierzbie- Districts of Kraków

In Podwierzbie is small shrine. It’s great for bike trip.  So that you will not lose I made great communication map: (x is our shrine)

mpk kraków



Near the shrine leads bumpy road under old oaks crowns. By this road we going to Vistula river bank. But there river bank is wild, nonregulated natural beautiful. Afar of be heard sound od pheasant. On second bank small bricky cottage. Over sheet of water are overhang leaves of wormy willow.  Silence, nothing happened. Ideal place for the rest.

5. Nowa Huta- Przylasek Rusiecki

In Kujawy (on map III) another village we pass work sewage treatment plants- smalls not nicely, but near the bus terminal is beautiful small shrine and some huts.

kujawy kapliczka


Another interesting village is Chałupki (in map IV) rife of wooden lodges and homesteads.

niebieska chałupa

Przylasek Rusiecki

And finally after 20km long way we reach to ponds of Przylasek Rusiecki. Very kind and calm place. Many fishermen and sunbathers. I recommend for everyone and look on vlog about ran out water story:

6. Ojców

Ojców is village 30km from Kraków. It’s a national park, the smallest in Poland bu really worth to visit. Area involve jura valleys and unique nature. In Ojców you can find two mian caves: Łokietka and Ciemna where you walking with candle. On the hill are old castle with gate and tower with skyline on all vicinity. Popular is trail to rock hand, rock is form in human hand. Ojców is known by delicious trout of course.

Rock hand in Ojcowski NP

Gate in Ojców castle

7. Bolechowice Valley

Is on of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland valley. In this region are many in valleys. But the Bolechowice is one of the most beautiful. There are some rock for climbing and trail alongside stream with small cascades. In the end of trail you can find a small cave. All forest around is so nice and great.

8. Tyniec Monastery

Nice idea for boat trip but not only. Tyniec is monastery of Order of Saint Benedict. They were isolate in this monastery, they faith in tule “Ora et labora”means prey and work. They are a contemplative order. Now they are more open for tourist. There are restaurant and shop with natural medicines, crosses and special herb vine.

Well in Tyniec yard