Kraków Botanical Garden- photo session

What place in Kraków is calm and quiet? Where you can do a good photo session? All those answers in today post about Kraków Botanical Garden. 

leaves on tree in botanical garden

Kraków Botanical Garden is on of the oldest gardens in Poland and it’s located in city center. Surrounded by hospital and routs but it’s kind of oasis among town.

flower near the path in botanical garden
bee on the small flower in botanical garden

Now is spring do you can find here blooming azaleas, lilacs or irises. Ideal place for photo session or photos for Instagram. In garden are a lot of recesses and romantic nooks. You can visit a big glasshouse with banana trees and palms- kind of small garden. In garden are same ponds with fishes. Overall you have to visit botanical garden if you want rest or make good photos.

bumpy rocky path with flowers in botanical garden

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big leaves plant near the garden path