GDAŃSK one day trip

GDAŃSK is very nice city in north Poland. You can eat here the best fish in country and see a Baltic Sea. It’s no so far from Kraków. That’s great for one day trip. You can take a train or plane. 

How to get to the Gdańsk?

Gdańsk is only 600km from Kraków and 350m from Warsow. On this route we recommend to take a fast EIP train. Booking site:

One day plane trip!

Yes, it’s possible. From Kraków (our guide base) to Gdańsk fly LOT and Ryanair. Tickets are affordable. So we can go with one of our guide to Gdańsk and discover this amazing medieval city.

Gdańsk is a city of old-time Hanseatic League, ideal place to hear the marine legends. Architecture in Gdańsk is beautiful and unique Poland-wide. You can see old crane or walk along Motława riverbank. 

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Gdańsk is not very popular tourist place. But it is very interesting and so calm Pomeranian town. 

So after hard day of sightseeing you can rest on the beach. Gdańsk is part of tricity are. So also if you have more time you can see Gdynia and Sopot. But definitelly Gdańsk is worth your time in Poland.

Hi! timothy here;) another great trip around Kraków! I had pleasure to show city for Armenian.

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