EMAUS- Easter Market {Kraków}

Easter in Kraków is pretty amazing, one of the best attraction and one of the most instagramable thing is Emaus Market.

It’s yearly event which take place in Salwator district. You can buy traditional wooden Jews sculptures. On the stands you can see packs of boiled sweets, fudges, honey pretzels or helium balloons. 

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#kraków #cracow Old beautiful church one of the most interesting object in KrakówTour in Salwator? No problem. Villa district full of interesting history! ✍️ SIGN UP!

Opublikowany przez Creoguides Wtorek, 30 kwietnia 2019

But otherwise that whole kitsch, Salwator is on of the most beautiful places of Kraków. So calm and nice villa district. There are many villas and detached houses of a breakthrough XIX and XX century. That was the best time for that places. Ow you can find here one white and very old church on sheer hill- St. Salvator church. In opposite of Salvator church is second, indubitable one of the most beautiful. Old, octagonal  wooden chapel of St. Margaret and Judith. If walk up by the Washington Avenue you will see Kościuszko Mount and bricky fort. 

That all for today short trip, but ideal for half day tour in surroundings nature and historic buildings.  

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