Babia Mountain- Hiking

Babia mountain

Honestly, I decided to come to Babia for some time. I do not know why this mountain attracted me. Well, in August this year I managed to enter the mighty peak and admire the beautiful nature Babiogórski National Park. But from the beginning …

Difficult hike

Upon arrival, we are welcomed by fresh, cold and boring mountain air. It’s quite cold for 10 am. We start from the Krowiarek Pass. We park the car – PLN 15 per day, we go to the cash register and pay for the tickets.

We follow the red trail up the stairs made of stones. This is how the road looks right to the first vantage point – Sokolica peak. It goes through beautiful spruce forests. The entire undergrowth is filled tightly by slightly waving ferns and already ripe blueberries. Such greenery immediately motivates life and climbing. A very nice change after staying in concrete spaces.

Along the way, I made one small storm. I managed to get to Babia for the first time (as you will learn later), but for example my dad entered Babia 5 times and for the fifth he had nice weather! It was beautiful to see how delicate drops hit the small leaves of blueberry. It was probably the most magical moment on the road to Babia and my favorite moment of the movie that I recorded there:


From Sokolica the route becomes irregular, no stone stairs and we immediately enter the floor of mountain pine bushes. This is also the moment when extensive panoramas start to appear. We reach the summit on the way passing Kępa and Główniak. We only have a moment, because in the distance one can see another storm.

view from Sokolica

pale of stones 

alpine plant

But I will skip the rain and other inconvenience at Diablak’s top on my own feet!

top aimed!

An even more difficult descent

I went under stress and very quickly so that the storm would not catch me in the open. A lot of uneven stones, it’s easy to twist your ankle. I also went down the red trail to the Markowe Szczawiny hostel. Wet stones and storm clouds. When I went down a lot, you could see a wreath of clouds wrapped around the top and thundering lightning every now and then. But I got to the hostel.

babia in fog

Hideous shelter

It was one of the worst hostels I’ve ever stayed in. You have to pay for the toilet, which is rare in hostels. Do not insult anyone, but I have the impression that only the maps work on the kitchen. I have not eaten the soup with half-broken sausage. The second course was not better. Overcooked dumplings, potato pancakes with virtually the same flour and chopped or as pickled cucumbers. Syf and shocker. This also outclasses even the leek soup in Slovakia.

Well, I ate, and already in the rain, I set off along a calm blue trail to the parking lot. To around the forest, covered with vapors of forest thick as fogs … Recently I visited so many interesting places you can check🙂

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