What do on HEL?

What do on HEL? Hel, Hel Peninsula. For some, the beginning of Poland. Virtually always alarmingly crowded crowds of people. Mecca of annual trips of a large number of Poles. What attracts them there, that some come back every year for many years? I decided to check it ... (more…)

Top 10 attractions on Żuławy

Top 10 attractions on Żuławy Żuławy Wiślane is a macroregion in northern Poland. That's where I spent almost two weeks on my last trip. These areas include the extensive delta of the queen of Polish rivers - the Vistula. The end  region of is adjacent to the Vistula Dam and the Gulf of Gdansk. These areas are very interesting for historical and landscape-cognitive reasons. Żuławy is loaded with interesting and little-known gems from the past. Is there anything to do here for a week? T...