Know forget ZABRZE

Know Zabrze! During my last stay in Silesia, in addition to Katowice (more on this later), I visited a few more cities in the Silesian conglomeration. These cities, although for some dirty, gray and not very interesting in spite of me seemed extremely interesting. You can see in their reflections a difficult and twisting history. Maybe for you, me, but for our grandparents, Silesia was an opportunity for a new life thanks to dynamically developing industrial centers. I have visited a lot and ...

What do on HEL?

What do on HEL? Hel, Hel Peninsula. For some, the beginning of Poland. Virtually always alarmingly crowded crowds of people. Mecca of annual trips of a large number of Poles. What attracts them there, that some come back every year for many years? I decided to check it ... (more…)

Pieniny for 3 days

pieniny atrakcje
Pieniny for 3 days Pieniny- beautiful mountains witch everyone have a brush with. Even if by photos of pine from Sokolica in calendar, postcard or in top 10 places in Poland. For mi photos didn’t last and I went for 3 days conquest. Three days are a lot and a little in particularly when raining. Through that soma days I saw a lot. (more…)