John Paul top

John Paul top  and mountains are good for short trip. In another April weekend, I didn’t stand Kraków and I get off city to breath alpine air. I chose a Beskid Mały ideal for begging of mountain season 2018. Trail to Groń of John Paul II leads from Rzyki village. Polish Pope loved mountains and as teenager climbed there with school trips from Wadowice. In 2004 changed the name to remembered a Polish Pope.

In Rzyki we start keenly going up. Black trail is paved by many slate chips. Around beech forest, clear in this season. On limb twigs small succulent leaves. Only in June will cover airtight windbreak of leaves. Then plants of groundcover will fight for each sun glimmer. But now the Sun whip the path and give a chance for anemone, violets.

After two hours we gain to Leskowiec shelter, it’s John Paul top. Shelter was set up in 1932. In this Sunday many people chose this trail, definitely too many. Tourist almost distract the shelter. Even I couldn’t go inside to say nothing of order some food. One should settled for sandwiches. But even this don’t ruin glory of this trail. I recommend for everyone!


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